Centre de parachutisme Paris Nevers

Parachute jump 2 hours south of ParisThe closest skydiving south of Paris Center

At 2:05 in the South of Paris, on the Nevers Fourchambault airport, just jump Skydive over Burgundy. Discover the Loire views of the sky

Choisissez votre formule

Tandem jumps

You want to give a gift? Experience the great thrill? So the tandem jump is made for you! Sit on the plane it takes care of everything, and take advantage of this incredible moment!

Tariff / price: € 265

First AFF jump (PAC)

You want to make a christening but you want to have your own parachute? Why not make the first jump in parachute training Cap?

Tariff / price: from €390

AFF – PAC Formation

You have already jumped in tandem? Or you know that skydiving is right for you? Register you on one of our CAP to become a stand-alone paratrooper training!

Tariff / price: from € 1,250


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